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A child spends 6 hours a day in a classroom. ThinkRoom replaces Classroom. ThinkRoom goes beyond achieving mere academic excellence to awaken the Human Potential in every child. A child in a ThinkRoom listens, thinks and creates in her own unique way.

There is only one way of learning in a classroom, whereas the number of ways of learning in a ThinkRoom is equal to the number of kids. This revolutionary change is made possible by 17 years of in-house research and development by Chrysalis.

ThinkRoom awakens a child’s mind to bring out Human Potential
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six elements

ThinkRoom reinvents the role that the six elements of a classroom play in a child's education, shifting their focus from achieving mere academic excellence to awakening Human Potential
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Every evening my children come home happily without any stress from school. On the contrary, I am stressed because I need to face 10 different questions every day for which I struggle to give an answer. But my children know those answers. If only we started asking children questions for which we don’t know the answers instead of those for which we know the answers. I always felt that children of this generation are missing so many experiences that I had with my parents when I was a child. Today, the relationship between a parent and child has become robotic. However, because of Homefun in studios, my relationship with my children has gone beyond parent-child. I understand them better. Since they are twins, I thought they are going to fight forever in life. Instead all I could see is sharing and love between them and I attribute everything to the ThinkRoom Studios.

” — Azhagar Public school, Thoothukudi
  1. No child carries textbooks to a ThinkRoom.

  2. In a ThinkRoom, every child is a creator and the learning material for the child needs to give them the freedom to listen, think and express in their unique way. This is the first step towards the child creating beautiful things on their own.

  3. Every child carries a unique Studio to the ThinkRoom. Studios are questioning-based learning materials that helps the child practice thinking in the cognitive, emotional, social and metacognitive domains.

  4. With Studio, you decide to change from better learning to bringing out excellence in every child.

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Authentic Assessment

As teachers, it becomes hard to take individual care of every child. Eventually we end up classifying them into excellent, average and dull students in our minds. There were a few children in my class whom we thought were naughty and did not like to learn Math. After engaging in Authentic Assessments, I started noticing certain areas where these children were consistently right in Math. This changed my attitude towards those children. rather than loading them with more problems in math, I started putting my efforts into the specifics where the children were struggling.. This helped me find better ways to engage these children while learning. Sometimes you need to identify where exactly a problem is, for example, a child may not get the right answer for a word problem because she was not able to understand the language and not the Math

” — Kautilya Vidyalaya Group of Institutions, Mysore)
  1. No child is judged in a ThinkRoom.

  2. In a ThinkRoom, every child can write and express in their own way. And yet, a teacher can objectively assess the real learning of the child. The assessment indicators, Success Criteria and judgement statements help the teacher do an Authentic Assessment of the child.

  3. Authentic Assessment also uses technology to enable teachers to make the right and timely interventions for better learning in the child. This kind of assessment happens right in the ThinkRoom or before her next period.

  4. With Authentic Assessment, you decide to change from making every child 'the best' to finding the best in every child.

Authetic Assessment
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Walls that talk


Values are very important to me and I always insist on teaching good values to children. During our Quality Circle Time, we encourage our students in ThinkRoom to express their gratitude for various things in the ‘box of gratitude’. Students of grade 3 have expressed wonderfully surprising things about other children and teachers. One child had written," thank you aunty for cleaning the class". I understood that he had written that to our aayama (housekeeping staff of the school). What I failed to understand is that children already have values. All we must provide are opportunities for them to express and think in the shoes of others.

” — Sri Kumarans academy, Bangalore
  1. The walls of a ThinkRoom do not separate the child and the world.

  2. From a ThinkRoom wall, Shravanasi learns from Krishna’s painting. And Krishna learns from Rajeev’s poem. And so on. Every child gets a unique picture of the world through lens of other children. They learn from each other.

  3. ThinkRoom kit contains powerful tools that enhance learning and helps the teacher in making the lessons engaging.

  4. With ThinkRoom walls, you decide to change the child’s learning ambience from a meaningless wall that separates to a meaningful wall that unites children through learning.

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Parents who understand their child

Recently, I found my son holding a piece of paper over an ant. When asked why he was doing it, he replied saying that he was protecting it from the sun’s rays."

This incident took place right after 'Ra the Rabbit' story was started in class. I understood that my child has learned about helping animals which is an important value to be followed.

” — Little Angels School, Bangalore

  1. My child is better than yours” said no ThinkRoom parent EVER. They believe that every child is born with a unique potential.

  2. Parents of a child in ThinkRoom enable an emotionally safe fun environment at home. They are delighted by observing their amazing uniqueness, everyday.

  3. ThinkRoom brings an attitudinal change in parents by creating awareness and educating them on real goals of education by continuously involving them in aspects like HomeFun (instead of Homework), ThinkRoom day (instead of Projects day), meaningful learning outcomes (instead of just marks).

  4. With ThinkRoom, you decide to give parents moments of witnessing their child's unique amazing beauty everyday, like the breathtaking moment they had when their child was born.

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Teachers who believe in the child

After witnessing learning that happens in a ThinkRoom, I felt periodic assessments that we conducted don't make any difference to real learning. When your belief shifts from everything else to a child that’s when we become real teachers. We discussed among our teachers and decided that the time taken to prepare for examinations and conduct periodic tests can be used meaningfully to learn better in a ThinkRoom instead. More than anything, that was the best for the child. With little fear, we presented our idea to the management. They understood why we recommended this and happily agreed to attempt it. More than the benefit, I believe that they agreed because we stood up for the child.

” — Ashram Public School, Kakinada

  1. A teacher's strongest belief is not on the blackboard, not on subject books, not on examinations but on the Human Potential in every child,

  2. A teacher in a ThinkRoom asks questions, lets every student express in their own way, assesses the learning objectively, equips herself with latest pedagogies and teaching practices, collaborates with other teachers because she believes in awakening the minds of every child.

  3. ThinkRoom gives a teacher more time for teaching and assessing learning by effectively removing time consuming daily administrative work with technology. They become professionals through our learning transformation partners and get empowered in both skills and attitude. They are super powered with pedagogies and assessment tools.

  4. With ThinkRoom, you decide to give back to your teachers the pride that the role 'teacher' deserves.

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Visionary School Leader

When I participated in one of the learning session in a ThinkRoom, I was moved by the answers given by my children. I had asked ‘How is Kautilya Vidyalaya’ different from other schools in Mysore. One child replied about the activities, questions, and freedom given to them in the ThinkRoom. Another child said that there are no right answers or wrong answers in a Studio and how Studio is friendly and helps them think on their own. After this session, I felt that this is something which every child deserves in every school. I am ready to take this change to other school leaders. I am prepared to speak to them. I will send my teachers for bringing this change to other teachers because our children deserve a New Education System.

” — Kautilya Vidyalaya Group of Institutions, Mysore

  1. When you walk inside your school you will not see FEAR in anyone, you will witness FAITH in everyone.

  2. A school leader owns the vision of education for human potential for every child. She is an inspiration, wherever she goes and to whoever she speaks to. She empowers her teachers and ensures that children get awakened in her school and goes beyond her school to change the education system.

  3. ThinkRoom accelerates your journey towards the vision by focussing your complete energy on transformation of your school. It builds more leaders in your school, enlightens you and the school management with insights and recommendations based on transformation parameters observed by our learning transformation anchor dedicated to your school.

  4. With ThinkRoom, you decide to change yourself and through you the Education System.

School Leader
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