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Genie - Intelligent Teaching Console
Genie Logo

World’s first Augmented-Reality enabled

Intelligent Teaching Console for immersive classrooms

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Hello! I am Genie!

Welcome to the remarkable journey of Genie, the revolutionary Intelligent Teaching Console that is transforming classrooms worldwide. This technology is the most immersive digital classroom technology available out there. Watch a preview!

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Augmented Reality

Immerse your students into the world of AR

Picture this -  

You’re in school, in your favourite classroom. 

And suddenly, you experience  


A roaring dinosaur,  An emperor, A complex dissection simplified, Blooming flowers,  A chemical reaction, Working of the heart, A raging volcano, 


Everything comes alive to make the learning limitless  

and the experience, unparalleled.  

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Let the lessons come to life!

With the Genie kit, the lessons can come to life.

Imagine the illustrations on pollination coming alive from book, visualise the animation of respiratory system coming to life, or even learn through a 3D model of the solar system.

At Genie, we believe that learning should be fun and engaging. With our AR books, we strive to provide an innovative way of learning for students of all ages.

Genie Digital Classroom
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Unlimited Learning

Genie is powered by Android which means there is a whole world of Educational apps that teachers can download and use.


& more...

Genie Specifications

360 degree rotatable camera

Genie comes with a unique 360 degree rotatable camera with versatile use cases

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, LAN and Bluetooth

Easily connect Genie to the world of internet through Wifi or LAN. Also connect to speakers and other devices through Bluetooth instantly. 

11.6 Inch capacitative touch

Genie comes with 11.6 inch screen and capacitative touch, making the entire teaching experience so comfy!


Genie can be connected to any display device with HDMI connectivity. Be it a dumb TV, Smart TV, IFPs or HDMI projectors; Genie connects to them instantly through HDMI!

Genie Device
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game changing use cases of Genie that teachers love!

  1. Facing the students while teaching

  2. Augmented Reality

  3. Three Dimensional learning

  4. Save time on repeated Blackboard writing

  5. Capture and share classroom moments

  6. Regulate the classroom with Digital tools

  7. Showcase Student work

  8. Teach using realtime props

  9. Access to unlimited Android Educational Apps

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Revolutionize Learning Today

Experience the Future of Education


Say bye bye to traditional digital classrooms. Upgrade to Genie!

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